Super Quattro nozzle DSQ

Piercing nozzle, crushing blockages

  • breaking blockages

    breaking blockages

  • breaking obstacles

    breaking obstacles


This nozzle belongs to a group of piercing nozzles, crushing all kinds of blockages and clogs in sewer pipes. It has 4 very strong forward jets that strike the blockage and effectively break it. The design of the nozzle provides even longer cutting edges to facilitate easy entrance of the nozzle even into the most narrow sewers. The DSQ nozzle is available in different sizes, which provides an opportunity of its optimal selection depending on the size of the cleaned pipe and the degree of its contamination.


  • 4 very strong forward water jets (angle of water outflow: 10o)
  • 6 backward water jets giving a momentum to the nozzle (angle of water outflow: 25o)
  • typical elongated sharp cutting edges which also cut connate roots, break hard contaminants in narrow sewer pipes
  • the nozzle available in the models: DSQ-80, DSQ-60, DSQ-45, DSQ-40


symbol DIMENSIONS thread number of holes WATER OUTFLOW ANGLE APPLICATION RANGE weight [kg]
front back
DSQ-80 Ø 80x220 1", 5/4" 4[D3M8] 6[D3M8] 10° + 25° od Ø100 4,00
DSQ-60 Ø 65x170 1", 5/4" 4[D3M8] 6[D3M8] 10° + 25° od Ø80 2,20
DSQ-50 Ø 50x100 3/4", 1" 4[D3M8] 6[D3M8] 10° + 25° od Ø80 0,75
DSQ-45 Ø 45x85 1/2" 4[D3M6] 5[D3M6] 10° + 25° od Ø50 0,50
DSQ-30 Ø 30x60 1/2" 4[D3M6] 5[D3M6] 10° + 25° od Ø50 0,25
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