The DF 500–800 milling nozzle is designed to remove hard calcium sediments, grease and other contaminants. It is effective for cutting roots, even in heavily overgrown sewers.
It is designed for sewer pipelines with the diameters of Ø500–Ø800 mm. The diameter of the nozzle is regulated by changing the spacing of guide skids. The set includes skids in 2 sizes: smaller, used in the diameters of Ø500–Ø650 mm and larger for the diameters of Ø650–Ø800 mm. Each skid is equipped with 4 guide rollers that make the feed easier and reduce the feed resistance.
The nozzle operates like a turbine driven by water jets. The DF nozzle has a very high rotary speed of the rosette to which cutting elements are attached, therefore it requires professional handling. The nozzle can be operated in systems with water recycling. The use of this nozzle should be preceded by pre-cleaning the sewer with rinsing nozzles.


Our DF 500–800 milling nozzle received very good reviews in the field of our sector market. It received a Certificate of Registration for the Registered Community Design, issued by the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market. 
We are very proud of our new project and hope it will arouse much interest. The great importance of this product in our trade market is really worth emphasising. More and more widespread modern trenchless renovation of sewer pipes with thermosetting resin sleeves require adequate preparation of a sewer. Prior to ‘pushing’ the thermosetting sleeve, it is required to obtain first degree surface cleanliness so that the sleeve is well distributed around the entire pipe section. Sections that need renovation often have very small ‘diameter in the axis’ due to the accumulation of contaminants (roots, grease, calcium sediments from detergents). In such cases it is necessary to mill these sections in order to obtain the desired degree of sewer surface cleanliness. The DF nozzle effectively handles such impurities, leaving the pipe clean and ready for renovation.
Currently the milling nozzle operates in several private companies in Poland.



Dysza DF nagrodzona w konkursie Innowator Podkarpacia 2013 w kategorii mikroprzedsiębiorstwa


Innovative solutions of DF 500–800 nozzles

Upon observing the fast growing market of plumbing services and hearing about the problems and difficulties of contractors, we have constructed a nozzle which improves the cleaning process and reduces the time of performing this service.

The nozzles offered in the market so far, the design of which uses centrifugal force of water outflow to gain rotary speed of the head, cannot be used simultaneously with video cameras recording their work. The structure of such nozzles causes the accumulation of thick slurry of deposits in front of a nozzle, thus limiting the field of view of the camera.

Scheme of operations performed with such solutions:

  • sewer milling
  • rinsing the impurities removed from the sewer walls during the milling process – applying rinsing nozzles
  • commencing with filming and monitoring of the work done



In our technical solution, the speed of the rotary nozzle is produced by a turbine from which the water outflow smoothly disposes of the milled impurities (at this stage there is already no need for additional rinsing nozzle).
The resulting vacuum causes sucking of sewage matter from the sewer. As a result, the sewer is relatively clean and allows for carrying the camera right in front of the nozzle in use. It is very important for the operator who, seeing the effects of their work on the monitor, can at any time adjust the feed rate of the nozzle, pull it back or keep it in one place longer if longer and more thorough milling is required there.

The scheme of operations becomes greatly simplified:

  • milling with simultaneous filming and monitoring of the work performed

Advantages of the DF 500–800 nozzle:

  • smooth disposal of impurities from the water from the sewer bottom
  • possibility of using the nozzle and filming the work progress at the same time
  • possibility of adjusting the width of machined layer by using ‘reversed’ chain hooks
  • minimisation of the life of milling chains by using adjustable chain hooks
  • can be used in the preparation of sewer pipelines for modern trenchless renovation technologies

To further illustrate the practicality of our nozzle, below we present a video with the nozzle at work:



Please learn about our offer: DF 500–800 milling nozzle

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